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PSP is a feminist theatre company that celebrates the diversity of women’s experiences by telling inclusive and subversive stories.

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My Bloody Valentine: An antidote to Valentine’s Day

Love. It’s the one thing we all think about. How to get it, how to keep it, and what to do when it walks out the door. And what holiday makes us all feel more excitedscaredlovelorn than the dreaded Valentine’s Day?

We say SCREW THAT NOISE! Come celebrate a better holiday — Friday the 13th! We’ll be serving up sexy stories, sassy songs, and a raunchy good time that will make you feel sorry for all the slobs sitting in uncomfortable clothes at restaurants they can’t afford. Perfect for singletons, couples, triads, and groups (who are we to judge?), these tales of looking for love in all the wrong places will rock your socks off and mend that cold, cold lump you call a heart. And of course, there’s the Fringe bar to help you get in the mood.

Did we mention it’s a fundraiser? That’s right, your ticket gets you a full evening of entertainment and helps support fresh theatre in DC! One-​stop shopping for a night of sweet and spicy catharsis.

What are you waiting for? You know you wanna.

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