The Last Burlesque took the Capital Fringe Festival by storm! We sold out the largest venue in the festival, garnered rave reviews, and inspired standing ovations!

Co-​Artistic Director Karen Lange tells you why you should buy a ticket:

In 2012, Steve Spotswood came to Pinky Swear with an idea: A story about a burlesque house caught in the throes of a scandal wherein people were dying on stage. The next year, Steve joined our company and we dedicated part of our time to supporting the development of the show.

Over the next three years, the play evolved many times, settling in as the story of a dying burlesque house and the people keeping it alive. The show opened a few weeks ago at the Capital Fringe Festival and immediately got terrific reviews. It has everything — women characters whom you care about, wrapped in real issues like keeping a business alive and how to be vulnerable in a relationship. There are big dance numbers! Tassel twirling! A truly sultry solo burlesque! Sideshow blockhead moves! Magic! Innovative direction and costumes to die for!

We are exceedingly proud of this show. It is not easy to produce any kind of show, but this is definitely the biggest thing we’ve ever pulled off. We’re showing that what small theatre companies in DC can develop shows that are as exciting and entertaining as what you find at the big houses. Come out and support us as we show off what we can really do once we put our minds to it.

RAVE REVIEWS: Washington City Paper | DC Theatre Scene | DC Metro Theatre Arts


8.6 8:00 pm

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8.15 3:00 pm

8.15 8:00 pm


The Last Burlesque is a lush blend of theatre, burlesque, and variety acts set during the final days of a dying burly house.

Darcy spent her childhood roaming the backstage of Val and Vera’s Valley of Burlesque, Sideshow, and Assorted Mischief while her parents performed to the delight of sold-​out houses. But after Val’s death, and a sudden estrangement from Vera, she’s spent her adulthood staying as far away as possible.

When she discovers the Valley is on the verge of bankruptcy, Darcy is drawn back to the place she used to call home. There she finds old friends with problems of their own, a new lover who insists on pushing Darcy’s boundaries, and a mother struggling not to let her down. But will she find what she’s really looking for?

Directed by Amber Jackson


Katrina Clark, Emma Hebert, Vanessa Bradchulis, Frank Britton, Jenna Berk, Matthew Pauli, Melissa Hmelnicky*, Reginald Richard, Natalie Piegari*

*Pinky Swear company member

All photos by Ryan Maxwell Photography

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