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Use All Available Doors: April 2018

Use All Available Doors

By Brittany Alyse Willis

Directed by Toni Rae Salmi

Follow a soon-​to-​be-​decommissioned WMATA train car, a grieving operator re-​evaluating her life’s path, and a revolving door of passengers as they travel the length of the Red Line, with vignettes performed between each stop, in local playwright and Pinky Swear Productions company member Brittany Alyse Willis’s new play, Use All Available Doors.

Through a generous grant from CulturalDC’s Space4: Arts program, the world première of Use All Available Doors will be presented on real train tracks in Dupont Underground, the über-​popular downtown subterranean trolley station-​turned-​arts and culture space!

When: April 13 — May 6, 2018
Where: 19 Dupont Circle NW
Washington, DC 20036

Get Involved!

Like the Metro itself, Pinky Swear wants Use All Available Doors to reflect the District as a whole. That’s where you come in:

For press questions and interviews please reach out to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Meet the Team

Brittany Alyse Willis (Playwright) is a DC-​based actor, graphic designer, and playwright. They have written plays produced in Chicago, DC, Massachusetts, and Texas and published poems with Apropros Literary Journal and shufPoetry. They like theatre that winks at you from behind the curtain. You can catch find examples of their work at brit​tanyaw​illis​.com.

Toni Rae Salmi (Director/​Community Engagement Conductor) has been a company member of PSP since 2011. An actor, cabaret artist, and director, Toni Rae hopes to add “arts manager” to her resume; she is currently pursuing her Master’s Degree in Arts Management at American University.

John Bavoso (Marketing Conductor) is a DC-​based playwright, book/​theatre reviewer, and marketing professional. His plays have been produced and/​or developed in DC, Virginia, New York, Colorado, Texas, California, Florida, and Sydney, Australia. His passion is bringing a touch of creativity, humor, and whimsy to everything he writes. More info at john​-bavoso​.com.