Killing Women

Killing Women logoKilling Women

by Marisa Wegrzyn

Directed by Jessica Aimone

Pinky Swear’s powerhouse show brought the funny to DC… with deadly accuracy.

Abby is a hard worker. She dispatches her assignments with haste and accuracy. Deadly accuracy. You see, Abby is a hired assassin. You’d think that hard work and dedication would be enough to get a girl a promotion, but, turns out, an assassins’ guild is just like any other damn job. Office politics are hell. Guys get paid more, even the screw-​ups. And now Abby has a recruiting assignment that could spell her end.

We also featured original transition songs, based on traditional children’s songs and clapping games. Trust us, these were awesome.


  • Playboy “Talent Scout” underwear
  • A scene involving needles that nearly made some audience members faint
  • Down and dirty making out
  • Our leading lady, jumping rope in 3″ heels
  • A crazy dance performance by Mike Sanders (Jonas Grey) based on this:

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