LIZZIE slays the critics!

Tickets are now on sale!

LIZZIE arrived at the Anacostia Playhouse on January 12, and the press took notice! You’ve got two more weekends to rock out with the show everyone’s raving about. Get your tickets now, and don’t miss out on the bloody-​good fun!

“Dressed in expressionistic goth-​Victorian attire (designed by Liz Gossens), the actors radiate their characters’ simmering frustration and flash glimmers of menace.” — Celia Wren, Washington Post

“By the end of Lizzie, there was a sense of victory, as the girls roared out their last notes, having shared their tale of revenge, murder, and passion.” — DC Theatre Scene

“Featuring an ensemble of gifted performers and musicians, LIZZIE: The Musical is a riotous, feminist retelling of one of the most sensational crimes in American history.” — DC Metro Theater Arts“Given the temper of the times, it’s a comfort to know that the theatre remains a place where we can commune in our rage, and live vicariously through villains we love, but whom we’d rather not meet. Lizzie should be a great way to celebrate resistance, of the familial or political kind.” — BroadwayWorld

About LIZZIE: The Musical

On an August morning in 1892, in a small town in Massachusetts, Andrew and Abby Borden were brutally murdered in their home with an axe. Their daughter, Lizzie, was tried and acquitted for the crime and in the process captured the morbid fascination of the entire nation. Created by Steven Cheslik-​DeMeyer, Tim Maner, and Alan Stevens Hewitt, LIZZIE is a tale of sex, rage, and murder told by Lizzie, her sister Emma, her friend Alice Russell, and her maid Bridget Sullivan — all set to a pounding riot grrrl beat.

The Anacostia Playhouse
2020 Shannon Place SE, Washington, DC 20020


Now through February 5

Thursday — Saturday 8 PM

Sundays at 6 PM

Special nights:

  • Friday, 117 5% of ticket sales go to Planned Parenthood
  • Industry night 130 at 8 PM
  • Sunday, 25 Free Superbowl type snacks! Because theater-​goers like queso, too.

Limited supply of half price tickets on Goldstar!

Can’t make it to the show? Or just want more ways to support us?

Ticket sales rarely, if ever, cover the costs of a show, regardless of the size of the company.

Help us take 40 whacks at the patriarchy by donating to our 40 whacks campaign! We are hoping to raise $7,500 between now and February 5. Join us, and be a part of:

  • Bringing a show we’ve been after for 7 years to the DC region.
  • Giving jobs to women directors, designers, and actors.
  • Supporting Anacostia Playhouse, a woman-​owned business.
  • Helping Pinky Swear continue to produce fantastic shows for a long time to come.

But hey, isn’t Lizzie just an alleged murderer? What does this have to do with the patriarchy?
We’re glad you asked! The show is incredibly feminist and shines a light on how little agency women had in the late 19th century. Their money, love lives, job prospects, and destinies all relied on men. Makes you mad enough to whack something, doesn’t it?

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